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Turns your smartphone into a peripheral device for your computer
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ROCCAT Power-Grid turns your smartphone into another peripheral device for your computer. This application has been specially designed for gamers; however, it may come in quite handy for every type of user. To use this tool, you should install the server software on your computer as well as the client app on your phone or tablet. Both devices connect via Wi-Fi.

The PC application has a very stylish interface, with various tabs. It lets you consult several details about your system, such as CPU and RAM usage, hardware temperature, available storage space and network traffic. Likewise, it allows adjusting the sound volume or the microphone recording level. It is also nice that this tool can manage incoming messages to which you can reply using the grid. And, as if this was not enough, you can even receive RSS feeds with breaking news.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of this program is its customizability. In this regard, it is important to say that the application lets you create your own grids. Luckily, there is an extensive library of controls that you can use for this purpose. In addition, expert users can even create new controls if they wish. In general, configuring grids to exactly match your needs allows you to play computer games from your smartphone without ever needing to touch the keyboard or the mouse. For example, you can program a quick launcher with shortcuts to your games. Luckily, the grids you create can be shared with other users without any restrictions.

All in all, ROCCAT Power-Grid deserves all your attention. It is a blessing that you can benefit from all its advantages at no cost. Moreover, there are client editions for both iOS and Android. I cannot think of any significant drawback about using this product, except that it may be difficult to use at first.

Pedro Castro
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  • Highly customizable
  • Very stylish interface
  • Sharing grids with others
  • New personalized controls
  • Extensive library of controls


  • Difficult to use at first
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